Thomas Tallis – Miserere nostri SSAATBB


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4 pages. Also available for AATTBarBB.

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Taken from his 1575 collection, this 7-part piece displays complex canonic writing in line with the Continental tradition. The unusual scoring also suggests it was written with the Chapel Royal of Philip II of Spain (husband to Mary I) in mind, which seems not to have used high treble voices and was resident in England with the king between 1554 and 1555. The two highest voices are in canon at the unison whilst the Discantus and Contratenor parts have the same music at the same pitch but the notes in the contra tenor part are four times longer. The two Bassus parts are also in canon at the unison with the Discantus part but in inversion. In Bassus I the notes are eight times longer than in the Discantus part, and in Bassus II the values are doubled.

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