Juan Esquivel – Missa Ut Re Mi Fa Sol La SSAT.SATB


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An 8-voice Mass based upon the hexachord – the first six notes of the scale. Despite the apparent lack of a liturgical model, it is possible that this Mass may have been envisaged for the Feast of St John the Baptist: The hymn Ut queant laxis assigned to his Feast begins each of its six phrases on successively higher notes, outlining a hexachord. The syllable given to each phrase’s starting note is ut-re-mi-fa-sol-la hence the adoption of these note names by the theorist Guido of Arrezo in the 11th century. This Mass is certainly grand and opulent in character – perfectly suited to a Feast of such magnitude as John the Baptist’s – but today may also be sung more generally throughout the year. The hexachord is ever-present, appearing like a Cantus Firmus, in imitation, or retrograde.

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