Sebastián de Vivanco (c.1551-1622)


Alongside Alonso Lobo and Juan Esquivel, Sebastián de Vivanco was one of the most important figures in the final years of the Spanish Siglo de Oro. He was born in Ávila and was briefly a chorister alongside Tomás Luis de Victoria at the Cathedral. He would go on to secure one of the most prestigious posts in Spain as Director of Music at Salamanca Cathedral, a job he later combined with professor of music at Salamanca University. It was also in Salamanca that 3 books of his music were published in 1607, 1608 and 1610. Like other Iberian composers of his day, he maintained a great interest in old-fashioned complex canonical writing and it is only recently that his music has been given the exposure and appreciation it deserves.

Sebastián de Vivanco Magnificat Primi toni a6 image
Sebastián de Vivanco Magnificat Quarti Toni image
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Magnificat Primi Toni
(odd verses) –

AA(A)TTBar(Bar)B(B) or SS(S)AAT(T)B(B)

£5.50 per 10 copies

Magnificat Quarti Toni
(odd verses) –

A(A)TBar(Bar)BarB(B) or S(S)ATT(T)B(B)

£5.50 per 10 copies

Magnificat Octavi Toni
(odd verses) –


£11.00 per 10 copies