Fernando de las Infantas – Loquebantur variis linguis SSAATTBB


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30 pages. Also available for AATTBarBarBB.

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This extraordinary motet depicts the giving of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost in a remarkable way. The Cantus, Altus and Tenor pairs of voices effectively operate within different modes. However, to avoid unconventional key signatures in the original notation, each voice is still notated with a key signature of one flat. The instruction tonus altior vox eadem tells the singers of Cantus II, Altus II
and Tenor II to sing their part one tone higher than notated, much in the same way that modern transposing instruments do so to avoid difficult keys. The exception to this is Bassus I, which has a key signature of no sharps or flats (specifically a B natural in the original) as it is a mirror canon of Bassus II. As a result, the free exchange of Gb/G, Db/D and Ab/A between the parts is an incredible musical portrayal of the Apostles speaking in tongues. Two versions of this piece are offered in this edition: In both, all necessary transpositions have been made but in the first a consistent key signature has been imposed. As a result, ficta in brackets shows where a source key signature accidental has been suppressed by the editor. Performers may wish to compare this with the second version (which maintains the resulting different key signatures inherent in the transposition) found from page 16 onwards.

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