Philippe de Monte (1521-1603)


Like his slightly younger contemporary Orlandus Lassus, Philippe de Monte was one of the most prolific composers of the Renaissance period. His output includes 34 Books of Madrigals (over 1000 individual pieces), 38 Masses and some 250 motets. He travelled widely during his career, including a visit to England in the 1550s were he is said to have met the young William Byrd. His music is described in Grove’s Dictionary as ‘unfold[ing] in unhurried, sometimes quite melismatic lines, [with] little evidence of post-Tridentine concerns about textual clarity’.

Super flumina Babylonis – ATBarB.ATBarB or SATB.SATB

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Missa Ad te levavi oculos meos – ATTBarB or SATTB

Missa Confitebor tibi Domine – ATBarB.ATBarB or SATB.SATB

Missa Cum sit omnipotens – ATTBarBarB or SAATTB

Missa Deus, Deus meus – ATTBarBarB or SAATTB

Missa Emitte Domine – ATTBarB or SAATB

Missa Quomodo dilexi – AATBarBarB or SSATTB

Missa Si ambulavero – AATTBarB or SSAATB