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Early Music Editions & Typesetting

Welcome to Gareth Thomas Music. I publish my own editions of early music and also offer a range of typesetting services.  I have editions available for music from across Europe from the 16th and 17th centuries and specialise in English music of the 16th century.

All my editions are sold as PDF downloads (usually in multiples of 10) and are available immediately after purchase or can be emailed to you. Please see About my scores for further information on making purchases.

Latest Titles

Tomás Luis de Victoria:
Missa O magnum mysterium 
A(A)TBarB or S(S)ATB

£11.00 per 10 copies

Jean Richafort:
Missa Pro defunctis (Requiem) –

£16.50 per 10 copies

Philippe Rogier:
Laboravi in gemitu meo –

£5.50 per 10 copies